Welcome to the online ticketing for Kitsap Community Foundation. If you want to mail your check, please send it to Kitsap Community, PO Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383. If you need assistance, please email or call Chantal at 360-698-3622.

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Event Date Description
08/20/2019 2nd Kitsap County Census Complete Count Committee Meeting
09/08/2019 Recovery In the Park
09/19/2019 Women's Giving Circle Fall Gathering
09/20/2019 Keeping it Simple: Fundraising for Busy Nonprofits
09/25/2019 3rd Planned Giving Program Cohort
10/01/2019 Kitsap Professional Advisors Cafe: The Breakfast Club
10/04/2019 Kitsap Strong Resiliency Summit
12/31/2019 KCNE Individual Yearly Membership $150
12/31/2019 KCNE Organizational Yearly Membership $299
12/31/2020 Leave 10 Kitsap Membership for Nonprofits