If you have questions, please call 360-698-3622. If you are trying to add notes or instructions about your gift, you may use the "Additional Notes" box. Use the search bar at the bottom of the page to find other funds.

Donate To A Fund

Disaster Relief
  Donate BI C19 Mask Makers Fund
This group is a local Bainbridge Island effort to coordinate making masks for healthcare workers.
  Donate Kitsap Small Business Response Fund
Help Chambers Help Small Businesses

All six Kitsap Chambers of Commerce have been working together since the shutdown to support ALL local businesses, not just their members. During this unprecedented blow to our local economy, our chambers have been providing the information and tools that our local businesses need to access emergency funding, to reopen safely and continue to operate safely in the weeks and months to come.

However, as 501c6 non-profits, chambers have not been included in access to most of that same federal and state emergency funding. Their operating income is derived from membership dues and fundraising events, both of which have been hugely impacted by COVID-19. They have continued their very important work for and on behalf of local businesses in their respective communities, but fear what a decline in membership and cancellation of events will mean for their ability to continue to provide support to distressed businesses.

The Kitsap Small Business Response Fund is a joint effort of Kitsap Community Foundation and all Kitsap Chambers of Commerce, including Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, and Bainbridge Island.

The Kitsap Small Business Response Fund will allow chambers to keep providing education and other support related to COVID-19 to all local businesses, including current guidelines for specific industries, PPE resources, and procurement, and participation signage to promote their own efforts. By donating to the Kitsap Small Business Response Fund, you will help us make sure our local businesses have the information and tools they need to recover and thrive. Help us help our local businesses by supporting the Kitsap Small Business Response Fund.

  Donate Unity in the Community Kitsap's COVID-19 Response Fund
The Unity in the Community COVID-19 Response Fund is managed by Kitsap Community Foundation and United Way of Kitsap County and funded by a coalition of philanthropy and business partners on the Kitsap Peninsula with the purpose of helping our local nonprofits respond to this epidemic and maintain their own Resilience.

For more information, click here.


If your donation to this Response Fund is inspired by or connected with the “All In WA” campaign, or the Kitsap Racial Equity and Empowerment Fund, please type “All In WA” in the Additional Notes section below. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by All In WA. If you forget to write All In WA, your donation will not receive the match.

KCF Operations
  Donate Celebration of Philanthropy
Our annual fundraiser provides support for the Kitsap Community Foundation.
  Donate Fundraising
If you make an annual donation of $1,000 or more to KCF in support of our mission, you will become a Cornerstone of the Foundation. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated.
  Donate KCF Operations
To support KCF programs and operations. Select this fund to support our general operations.
  Donate John & Patricia Hines Tracy Discretionary Fund
Women's Giving Circle of Kitsap Peninsula
  Donate Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula Annual Giving Fund
Individual annual membership dues are $1,000; split annual membership dues are $500 or $250, depending on size of split membership.

Use this web page to pay your membership dues for the Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula. Your dues are a tax-deductible donation. To pay your dues, type in the amount you are paying in the box below under one-time Donation Amount, click on "Add to Cart," then click on "Checkout", and follow the prompts from there. If you want to pay your dues in installments, use the "Recurring Donation Amount" choice below.

How did you hear about the Women's Giving Circle? Please add that in the NOTES section. If you have any questions, contact Shaine at 360-698-3622 or shaine@kitsapfoundation.org. Thank you for joining!

Click here for more information about the Circle.

  Donate Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula Operating Fund
  Donate Kitsap County Noxious Weed Control Board Foundation
We are launching a new way for you to help support our program. In past years we have worked to help citizens address noxious weed issues and slow the spread of designated noxious weed species on public and private sites. We recognize that noxious weeds know no boundaries and that our work must encompass a multifaceted approach for control. Our work helps protect our natural resources and helps restore our salmon habitat along with protecting our agricultural lands and your back yards from the detrimental impacts of invasive weeds.

Our staff works to manage over 5,000 noxious weed sites per year, but we need your help to double that number to keep up with the quickly moving weed populations in our area. Our program needs your help and your support to slow the spread of these biological invaders that cause direct damage to our lands and our ecosystem. We would love to have you help support our efforts to help preserve the lands you love. Please use this link to help us reach our goal of $20,000 to provide direct services throughout our region to help our program slow the spread of these Biological attackers.

  Donate Kitsap Sun Journalism Fund
  Donate Operating Endowment
An endowment that supports the Foundation's future operating costs, thereby maximizing Kitsap Community Foundations' philanthropic force in the county.
  Donate Our Forest Fund
In this time of climate change, it is more important than ever to preserve the trees we have. Your donation will help keep the forest in the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park forever.
Kitsap Strong
  Donate Kitsap Strong Fund
  Donate Over the Edge
NP Endowed
  Donate Bill and Cheryl Benson Foundation

The Bill and Cheryl Benson Foundation would like to buy books for Olympic College students who are unable to afford their own books. This is a reality for many students attending Olympic College or who wish to attend.

Please donate to the Bill and Cheryl Benson Foundation. They will use your donated funds to purchase books for Olympic College students in need. The Bill & Cheryl Benson Foundation is managed by the Kitsap Community Foundation. You can donate with a credit card using the form below or if you prefer to mail a check, make it payable to Kitsap Community Foundation to P.O. Box 3670, Silverdale, WA 98383. Include a notation indicating the donation is for the Bill & Cheryl Benson Foundation.
  Donate Cohn Family Charitable Fund
  Donate Kitsap County Parks Foundation
To support a specific park, please include the name of the park under "Tribute". Then you may make the donation In Honor of "XYZ Park. "
  Donate Restorative Justice Foundation
  Donate Bremerton Symphony Association Fund
Distributions are made to Bremerton WestSound Symphony by donor designation
  Donate DRC of Kitsap County Endowment
Endowment to support the Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County
  Donate Holly Ridge Center Endowment Fund
  Donate Kitsap Connect Foundation
  Donate Leadership Kitsap Endowment Fund
  Donate Healthy Start Kitsap
To provide grants to the Kitsap Public Health District's Nurse-Family Partnership.
  Donate Indipino Community of Bainbridge Island and Vicinity Fund
The Indipino Community of Bainbridge Island and Vicinity, a 501c3 non-profit organization, honors our Indigenous mothers and Filipino fathers. We provide an educational forum for all mixed-heritage people, their culture, traditions and historical perspectives.
  Donate Kitsap School Lunch Fund
Kitsap, our local school districts are in need of our help! Please join me in helping make sure no child gets turned away at lunch time for having no funds. My School Lunch Fund campaign is ran through our local Kitsap Community Foundation. Each donation made will contribute 100% to our 5 school districts in Kitsap County.
  Donate Kitsap Sun Bellringer Fund

Readers have helped the Kitsap Sun Bellringer raise money for local food banks for nearly a century, the continuation of a tradition that pre-dates the founding of the Bremerton Sun newspaper. Every December our readers and other friends raise amounts that have topped $100,000 to be distributed now among nine local food banks, including the Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul, and those in Belfair, South Kitsap, Bremerton, Central Kitsap, Poulsbo, Kingston and Bainbridge Island.

The money raised will be donated to the food banks in January, to help each agency restock the shelves after the holiday season and start 2021 in a positive way. Thank you for your support from the entire staff of the Kitsap Sun.

  Donate Pope Resources Heritage Park Fund
  Donate Poulsbo Rotary Play for All $250 Ladybug Plaque
Purchase a $250 Plaque. 54 characters including spaces. Please add under "Notes". The text box will allow more than 54 characters, so please test your message before entering. If you need to modify the plaque text, please contact info@kitsapfoundation.org.
  Donate Poulsbo Rotary Play for All $500 Butterfly Plaque
$500 Butterfly Plaque. 108 Characters including Spaces. Please type your message in "Notes". The text box will allow more than 108 characters, so please test your message before entering. If you need to modify the plaque text, please contact info@kitsapfoundation.org.
  Donate Poulsbo Rotary Play for All Dragonfly $1,000 Plaque
$1,000 Dragonfly Plaque - 145 characters including spaces. Please add under "Notes". The text box will allow more than 145 characters, so please test your message before entering. If you need to modify the plaque text, please contact info@kitsapfoundation.org.
  Donate Poulsbo Rotary Play for All Fund
Play for All is a project to build an all-inclusive, ADA-compliant playground at Raab Park in North Kitsap. Thank you for your support!
  Donate Powers Family Foundation
  Donate Sharenet Pass-Through Fund
  Donate The Lost Continent
Click here for more information on Phase 2 of The Lost Continent
  Donate The Untold Story: Aboriginal Women Leave their Traditional Territories for Bainbridge Island
The Indipino Oral History documentary focuses on the untold stories of the mixed-race children of Aboriginal mothers and Filipino fathers who migrated to Bainbridge Island pre- and post-World War II. Now adults, they recall the psychological and emotional impact of racism and prejudice and growing up in a household where both parents suffered from unresolved historical trauma. Their mothers were victims of Canada's forced assimilation, taken from their families as early as 5 years old and raised by Catholic nuns and priests in Indian Residential Schools. Their fathers witnessed the evacuation of the Island's Japanese American community and feared they would be next. Despite the obvious challenges of merging cultures, the Indipino community today demonstrates not only resilience but a great sense of pride in their bicultural identity.
Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation (KCSBF)
  Donate Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation Benevolent Fund
Supporting Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation causes. If you want to make additional notes for a specific project, please use the additional notes box.

Other KCSBF Funds include:

Community Outreach

General Fund

Officer Safety, Training, Equipment & Technology

Scholarship Fund

Volunteer Fund

  Donate Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation Community Outreach
Supporting Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation causes.
  Donate Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation (KCSBF) General Fund
General Fund - supporting KCSBF general operations
  Donate Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation Officer Safety, Training, Equip & Tech
If you want to make additional notes for a specific project or how you would like your donation used, please use the additional notes box.
  Donate Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation Scholarship Funds
To provide college financial assistance to students who have career aspirations in law enforcement.
  Donate Kitsap County Sheriff's Benevolent Foundation Volunteer Fund
  Donate Great Give
Give to the Kitsap Great Give - our annual giving day! Kitsap Community Foundation organizes the Kitsap Great Give for free. If you have any problems donating, please call 360.698.6043.
Area of Interest
  Donate Conscious Leadership Foundation
Fiscal Sponsorship
  Donate Bainbridge Prepares
The Bainbridge Prepares initiative is a unique combination of agency- and citizen-led teams, working in collaboration to make our island community more resilient. Bainbridge Prepares is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting our community through communication, awareness, and action, because when we're all connected and informed, our island thrives. Learn more at www.bainbridgeprepares.org.
  Donate Eat Local First Olympic Peninsula

The Eat Local First campaign strengthens Olympic Peninsula farms and producers by engaging the community through education, promotion, and access to build a diverse and vibrant local food economy.

  • Grow and sustain sales for local farmers and food producers
  • Grow sales for locally owned food business i.e. grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, fisheries, and wine, cider and beer makers
  • Minimize barriers for institutional food buyers i.e. hospitals, schools, large employers and community organizations who want to purchase local and regionally sourced food
  • Increase access to local and regionally sourced food for low-income and rural populations
  • Serve as the trusted community resource for finding seasonal, local and regional foods from the Olympic Peninsula region
  • Educate consumers on how to use local crops and when they are in season
  •   Donate Kitsap Harvest Foundation
    Kitsap Harvest connects abundance to need by reducing food waste, nurturing community, and providing equitable access to fresh, locally grown food.

    • We promote equitable access to healthy food and reduce food waste in our community by collecting, harvesting, and distributing surplus fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.

    • We inspire community connection, environmental stewardship, and deeper purpose through the sharing of work and food.

    • We build bridges and create alliances with organizations that educate about the health, use, preservation, and production of food.

    The vast majority of our work is done by volunteers. We glean produce from yards, gardens, and farms and take it to low-income individuals at health clinics, senior and family housing, recovery houses, and youth and community centers. We also partner with food banks to rescue food that they can’t distribute in a timely manner and are planning even more ways to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible and enjoyable to those in need.

    We would love to have your support at whatever level is meaningful for you.

      Donate Local Food Trust
    Thank you for your support of The Local Food Trust! We are working with key constituents to identify needs in our community and cultivate investment partnerships. Your donation will help support staff time to develop strategies and ensure that direct operational assistance can be offered to our local food actors starting in the second quarter of 2017. The Local Food Trust has partnered with the Kitsap Community Foundation as our fiscal sponsor. Donations to The Local Food Trust can be made through KCF and are a tax deductible.
      Donate Music Discovery Center
      Donate Poulsbo Splash Pad
    The Poulsbo Splash Pad Project is a grass roots community campaign that is raising the funds needed to build a splash pad in a Poulsbo City park. Splash pads are a wildly popular alternative to community pools, offering a safe and fun community gathering place for people of all ages, abilities, and economic backgrounds. Thank you for your donation and support!
      Donate Project Connect
    For Kitsap Continuum of Care Coalition's Project Connect - One Day Event that is a one-stop services venue for those who are homeless or low income.
      Donate Saint Francis Center Fund
    "Saint Francis Center - a place of Refuge and Healing"is to be a "Homeless Center". The purpose of this "Homeless Center" is to provide emergency and long-term room and board for homeless in the area. The long-term component is for those who wish to: be healed of the traumatic events in their lives, participate in drug and alcohol treatment programs, receive schooling or training, become employed, taught personal budgeting skills, and save money to eventually get their own apartment; thus, leaving the program, able to stand on their own.
      Donate Salish Recovery Coalition
      Donate Startup Kitsap

    Startup Kitsap is supported by a generous network of program investors and volunteers. Your investment allows this program to continue to grow, better connecting talent, ideas and capital throughout our community and fostering the success of new businesses across Kitsap.

    We appreciate the people and organizations that support Startup Kitsap in our mission to Catalyst and connect our local startup community.

    To learn more, visit www.startupkitsap.com

      Donate The Clean Project
      Donate Bremerton High School Pay it Forward Scholarship

    A scholarship specifically for an underrepresented segment of Bremerton High School grads--those with 2.5 - 3.5 GPAs, who are low-income and among the first in their family to seek further education at college/trade school. We believe these students are viable and have great potential, yet they often are overlooked by other scholarship associations.

    BHS PIF scholarship is unique: We give $14K awards. We require each recipient to Pay It Forward by giving 15 hours of community service each year. Character/ motivation are more important to us than perfect GPAs.

      Donate Brooks Penny Scholarship Fund
    Brooks Penny Scholarship Fund aims to promote diversity in education and to ensure equal opportunity for economically-disadvantaged students graduating from any public High Schools in Bremerton, WA.
      Donate Nicole (Lyle) Tranilla Memorial Scholarship
    Need-based scholarship of $500 or more for Central Kitsap female graduating senior pursuing degree in electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, or a related field.
    Other Funds