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  Donate Rosemary Goodhue Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kitsap Community Foundation Operations
  Donate Fundraising
If you make an annual donation of $1,000 or more to KCF in support of our mission, you will become a Cornerstone of the Foundation. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated.
  Donate KCF Operations
To support KCF programs and operations. Select this fund to support our general operations.
Community Funds
  Donate Community Endowment
An endowed fund that will provide funding in perpetuity for local nonprofits through our competitive grants process.
  Donate KCF Youth Fund
Through our competitive grant process, funds are available for qualified charitable and educational programs for the youth of Kitsap County and other emerging youth issues that may arise.
Disaster Relief
  Donate Kitsap Small Business Response Fund
Help Chambers Help Small Businesses

All six Kitsap Chambers of Commerce have been working together since the shutdown to support ALL local businesses, not just their members. During this unprecedented blow to our local economy, our chambers have been providing the information and tools that our local businesses need to access emergency funding, to reopen safely and continue to operate safely in the weeks and months to come.

However, as 501c6 non-profits, chambers have not been included in access to most of that same federal and state emergency funding. Their operating income is derived from membership dues and fundraising events, both of which have been hugely impacted by COVID-19. They have continued their very important work for and on behalf of local businesses in their respective communities, but fear what a decline in membership and cancellation of events will mean for their ability to continue to provide support to distressed businesses.

The Kitsap Small Business Response Fund is a joint effort of Kitsap Community Foundation and all Kitsap Chambers of Commerce, including Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, and Bainbridge Island.

The Kitsap Small Business Response Fund will allow chambers to keep providing education and other support related to COVID-19 to all local businesses, including current guidelines for specific industries, PPE resources, and procurement, and participation signage to promote their own efforts. By donating to the Kitsap Small Business Response Fund, you will help us make sure our local businesses have the information and tools they need to recover and thrive. Help us help our local businesses by supporting the Kitsap Small Business Response Fund.

  Donate Unity in the Community Kitsap's COVID-19 Response Fund
The Unity in the Community COVID-19 Response Fund is managed by Kitsap Community Foundation and United Way of Kitsap County and funded by a coalition of philanthropy and business partners on the Kitsap Peninsula with the purpose of helping our local nonprofits respond to this epidemic and maintain their own Resilience.

For more information, click here.


If your donation to this Response Fund is inspired by or connected with the “All In WA” campaign, or the Kitsap Racial Equity and Empowerment Fund, please type “All In WA” in the Additional Notes section below. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by All In WA. If you forget to write All In WA, your donation will not receive the match.

  Donate KCF Annual Grant Fund
Provides grants during the current year's grant cycle to local nonprofits.
Women's Giving Circle of Kitsap Peninsula
  Donate Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula Annual Giving Fund

Individual annual membership dues are $1,000; split annual membership dues are $500 or $250, depending on size of split membership.

Use this web page to pay your membership dues for the Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula. Your dues are a tax-deductible donation. Your donation supports the work of the WGCKP in our mission to provide annual grants to programs that support women and/or children in our community.

To pay your dues, type in the amount you are paying in the box below under one-time Donation Amount, click on "Add to Cart," then click on "Checkout", and follow the prompts from there. If you want to pay your dues in installments, use the "Recurring Donation Amount" choice below.

How did you hear about the Women's Giving Circle? Please add that in the NOTES section. If you have any questions, contact Shaine at 360-698-3622 or shaine@kitsapfoundation.org. Thank you for joining!

Click here for more information about the Circle.

  Donate Women's Giving Circle of the Kitsap Peninsula Operating Fund
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